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Technology replacing cash?

Posted in technology and money by balazshamada on February 4, 2009

Cash! We all know it, we all want it. So, whats in store for our favorite “fix all” solution in the future ?  Just throw cash at it, right ? Got a headache – buy the best doctor, business doing bad – borrow money and spend it on marketing, your car wont accelerate – get a new engine put in, etc.  Still don’t know what I am talking about ??? Let me show you a picture.


This may be the last you’ll see your money. Don’t be alarmed “you are not broke ” you were just amalgamated into a new system, the credit system. You will now get incorporated into a giant system of computers that incorporates “interac” and Point Of  Sales terminals” all your data, and more.

You will be one more new entry into a constantly changing database. You will have one credit for each dollar you have and it will all be done electronically from now on. No need to carry money around, it will be credited to your purchases. Like it so far ? Well, what happens when the system crashes? You cant buy anything…. not even food. People may track your purchases and establish your buying habits… you will be controlled and watched. Scarry ?? There is more; every cent will be counted, but not by you…. the government will wonder when you give a gift or receive a winning streak at the Casino. Yup, they will be beside you every second of everyday. “Sick-day” at work? Why were you renting a movie or stop at the carwash? Shouldn’t a sick person be in bed just happy to be alive? Personally I am happy to see this at the stores I visit.


My interac card has never secured me prime seats at the game or helped a waiter slip a ring into a glass of champagne.  When cash goes the way of the dodo-bird, I wonder what else will go with it……..

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My First Post

Posted in Intro by balazshamada on January 6, 2009


Hello people, this is me (I guess I should have taken my hat off on picture day) on Tuesday in the Lab. My views are rather conservative when it comes to technology, I believe that society has to adapt to establish standards and develop social norms in order to cope with the rapid changes new technology brings. All of which takes time, as people may learn how these technologies affect them (this may be long term), then and only then, can there be a rational acceptance and understanding including regulation and law.

My favorite technology today is BlueRay because it combines two topics/technologies that really interest me. These are Electricity and Optics/Lasers.